autumn_shroud (autumn_shroud) wrote in nerdmoment,

Hot or not?

I was watching a friend of mine play a video game yesterday. I find him very attractive....except when he's playing video games.

I've only just realized that someone can be UNattractive playing video games; and it's not because of his looks or anything like that.

He sighs a lot, and it's not your typical 'I suck at this' sigh. He sighs as though he is LITERALLY in PAIN or some form of GREAT discomfort.

So thinking of unattractive playing styles of video games got me thinking about the opposite end of the spectrum, what's ATTRACTIVE in video gaming?

To me it's intense concentration, if playing mainly solo, though capable of carrying on a conversation when needed (which is how I am). Maybe the occasional 'face' (like biting the tongue or, as my habit is, biting my lips). And when playing with other people? Aggressive, smack talk! Mainly because that's how I do it.

So what is attractive and unattractive in another person playing video games for you folks?
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